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Gay male escorts are in fact hired dates. Professional business men, gay gentlemen and bi curious men hire gay male escorts in ASIA for male company and companionship. Gay men today lead busy lives and in most cases they do not have enough time to impress a man and get dates. There are several occasions when they need the company of a presentable man for various events and that is where gay male escorts come in.

Gay male escorts get paid quite well, rates are negotiable and start at $375 for a 2 hour booking. Gay Lords International provides an interactive male escort service exclusively for gay gentlemen who require professional gay male escorts to accompany them whenever and wherever they require. Times have changed; escort services are no longer just for men. For this reason hundreds of men all over the world choose this as their part time or full time career.

Starting a Career as a Male Escort in ASIA

There are a few things which will have to be kept in mind for those who want to start their career as a male escort in Asia. Given below are a few tips which will help:

• The first thing that needs to be kept in mind is that as male escort in Hong Kong you will need to be confident. We don't have rigorous registration processes all we ask of all our gay male escorts is that they are: outgoing, have a good sense of humour, friendly, get on well with new people and have a professional attitude. It is not necessary actually to have an attractive face and features, but the overall look needs to be presentable. Start by paying some attention to your physical shape. As a male escort you will be expected to always look smart.

• As male escort you will need to be presentable so ensure that you maintain good personal hygiene and invest in a decent wardrobe. Gay men will always be willing to pay higher if the male escort is presentable and smart. This is especially necessary for those who are targeting the high end clients.

• Learn how to entertain and hold your own at social events. Gay male escorts in ASIA will have to accompany their clients to various events so it is necessary that they should know how to be their best at such events. Keep your manners in check and learn how to have a lively conservation.

• The best way to go about it is to join a site for independent male escorts. At Gay Lords International we assure our gentlemen members that our gay male escorts in ASIA are of the utmost class, extremely well presented and well-mannered, yet charming and sexy all the while offering flexibility and discretion, but most importantly a male escort service that promises to please. Gay Lords International is established nationwide; we are the market leaders in bringing together clients who wish to book gay male escorts in Asia. We have the marketing expertise to run a thriving and discreet escort site.

•Gay male escorts in ASIA are not male prostitutes. In Asia escort services are legal. Your job specification is actually dependent on the demands of your client. A good male escort will cater to the demands of the clients. As your clients are going to be gay gentlemen, the basic thing you need to learn and appreciate is what they actually need and require. To put it simply, the male escort will be needed to do all things to keep the client entertained. You will need to provide a good company to your client, be able to converse on a thoughtful basis, and be well mannered and informed. There are plenty of clients who will also want erotic services from their escort so it is best to know ahead what the client requires.

Starting a career as a male escort is not so unheard of these days. With a few simple steps it is possible for any man to become a professional male escort in Asia.

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